Yearning For A Pleasant Island Experience? Maui of Hawaii is Waiting For You

Since Hawaii has tropical weather throughout the year, there is no specific time to visit this amazing island. You can just pack up your bags and head over to the beautiful beaches of the island state, revel the local food, and just have a relaxing, rejuvenating time on the island.

But since there are many islands in Hawaii, choosing one to thoroughly explore can turn out to be a bit of a task. If you’re someone who loves to visit places with deep history and culture, Maui is a Hawaiian Island that will not disappoint in this regard. To give you an idea about the island’s majestic past, beauty, and grandeur, we have listed down some points. Let’s take a look at them.

Island’s Plantation History

People all around the world may now know Maui for its grand coastline resorts and hotels, what many do not know about it is its plantation past. There was a time when this island was quite famous for sugar cane production. You may find this surprising but there was a time when sugar cane production used to take place on 36,000 acres of land on this island. Isn’t that incredible?

For decades, people of the Maui relied on sugar cane plantation for their livelihood. If you wish to have a glance of this aspect of the Maui Island, you can visit the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum in Pu’unene, where you can get a close look at the old locomotives, tractors, sugar fields, and much more.

Eateries, Boutiques, Shops of Front Street

If you want to get a taste of real Hawaii food, then you’ve got to visit Front Street in Lahaina, which has numerous shops, landmarks, boutiques, and of course, eateries as well. It is an only 40-minute drive away from the Kahului airport and is famous for being a fishing town where you can devour fresh seafood along with Boston style pizza. If there are people back home who have requested you to bring something for them from the island, you can explore boutiques in Front Street and get your hands on all types of hand-made ornaments, jewelry, clothes as souvenirs to take home.

Picturesque View From Haleakala Crater

Have you ever seen a sunrise? We are talking about proper sunrise that can only be witnessed from certain places in the world. Haleakala Crater of Maui is a massive shield volcano that covers as much as 75 percent of Maui. At 10,000 feet above the sea, you can expect to see the sunrise of a lifetime from Haleakala. After all, it is known as the ‘house of the rising sun’ for no reason.

While these are must-visit places in Maui, you can also explore the tranquil Ho’okipa State Beach Park, take road trips to Hana, play water sports, and do much more. But in order to truly relish all these places and experiences, you need a place where you can rest, relax, refresh, and then move on to your next adventure in Maui. Beach Breeze offers that place for you through its exotic condos and home. You can get the best vacation rentals in Wailea through Beach Breeze. You can email us, call us, or book your vacation rental online on our website. Make your visit to Maui a pleasant experience by booking your perfect stay at Beach Breeze.