Travel Guide to Kihei, Maui for an Eventful Vacation

Kihei, a beautiful town on south Maui coastline, is the island's driest and sunniest region that offers everything travelers look for in a typical Hawaii vacation. Whether you want to feel a rush of adrenaline or treat yourself on a beach, or bust a groove in a seaside bar, it has got something to offer to everyone. 
If you are planning to visit Kihei to spoil yourself with its fantastic views, here is the perfect travel guide for you to make the most of it:

Where to stay

No matter where you plan to spend your next vacation, your accommodation plays a crucial role in ensuring a good trip. And when you are visiting Kihei, you can’t risk your trip by staying in a hotel that doesn’t throw morning views of the sea after you wake up. Many oceanfront villas and hotels are available, including 2-bedroom condo rentals in Kihei, which can be a reason for your retreat to the town. When looking for places to stay, consider renting one of our beachfront condos.

What to eat

Kihei and seafood go hand in hand. If you don’t believe it, consider asking the locals when you reach there. Seafood is something you can’t afford to miss when you are in Kihei if experiencing lip-smacking cuisine is what you seek. For vegans, the options may be limited but whatever it has is worth trying. Once you are done with break or dinner, don’t forget to beat the heat with shave ice, which is a true delight.

What to do

Going to Kihei and not enjoying its water activities is like visiting an ice cream parlor and not devouring on ice cream. It has a plethora of activities that will make you scream as well as those that will soothe your soul and rejuvenate your mind. From helicopter tour to surfing to waterskiing to beach spas and more, it’s going to make up for an eventful vacation for you. However, you might want to get help from a tour guide or locals to explore every single gem of the town.

If you want to stay in a 2-bedroom condo rental in Kihei, we can provide you with world-class oceanfront accommodation at affordable prices. To know more, get in touch with us today.